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  • Established suppliers for electronics components to stamped, enclosures, cables, labels, display packaging, over-molding, laboratory testing, calibration etc.
  • Partner with major distribution firms and several larger OEMs


  • Bonding programs, Consignment stores, EDI forecast, Min-Max level support
  • In Plant Store program


  • Utilize I supply – share forecast and inventory data
  • Subscribe to Silicon Expert for:
    • Life Cycle, RoHS, Reach, Conflict Mineral evaluations
    • Product change notice system, including EOL
    • Subscribe to IMDS, International Material Data System for automotive reporting
  • Monitor supplier quality, ISO certification and active UL registrations
  • In-Plant stores – Arrow, Avnet, Future, Digikey, Heiland, RTS Elco and RTS HoiHo
  • Systems in place to identify/handle risk, including, product change notices, last time buys, country of origin, and critical components & suppliers