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At Safari Circuits, we redefine supply chain management by blending responsiveness, flexibility, and efficiency. Our established network of suppliers spans a vast array of electronic components, enclosures, cables, and more, ensuring we meet every need with precision. Partnering with leading distribution firms and top-tier OEMs, we are poised to deliver excellence.

  • Responsive and Dynamic: We leverage long-standing relationships with key suppliers, ensuring a steady supply of essential components. Our collaborations with major distributors and OEMs underscore our commitment to responsiveness and reliability in all aspects of supply chain management.
  • Flexibility at Its Core: Our adaptable approach includes innovative strategies like bonding programs, consignment stores, and EDI forecasting. The In-Plant Store program exemplifies our commitment to maintaining optimal inventory levels, ensuring we’re always prepared for your needs.
  • Peak Efficiency: Utilizing tools like forecast/inventory sharing and Z2 data, we stay ahead with real-time forecasts, inventory data, and comprehensive evaluations covering life cycles, compliance, and product changes. Our in-depth monitoring of supplier quality, certifications, and registrations, paired with sophisticated systems for risk identification, sets us apart in ensuring a seamless supply chain.

Partner with Safari Circuits for a supply chain experience that’s not just about meeting demands, but about exceeding expectations with unmatched agility and expertise.

Safari Circuits is a part of the Waséyabek Family of Companies, embodying the Seven Grandfather Teachings and the values of our Tribal ownership. We work on behalf of the Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi Tribe and our customers to deliver elite-level products and services through innovation and collaboration.

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