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Collaborative Approach

We will work with your product development, engineering, and manufacturing
teams to create significant improvements in design, performance,
and production… reducing your time-to-market in the process.


  • PCBA Layout
  • Software Development
  • Electronic Circuit Engineering Services
    • Analog, Digital & Multi-Signal
  • Embedded Control
    • Hardware & software development
  • Product Development
    • Modifications of existing products or turnkey solutions
  • Custom Test Equipment Development
  • Project Management
  • CAD Services

Our Engineering Services Tools Include

  • Altium Designer® – Electronic Product Development System and PCB layout
  • Electronics Workbench® – Circuit Analysis
  • Autodesk Inventor 2016® – 3D CAD Software
  • AutoCAD LT 2016® – CAD and Documentation
  • Microsoft Project® – On-Time Project Management
  • FAB 3000® – Computer-Aided Manufacturing Tool