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We aim to address your most pressing questions and provide insights into Safari's services, industry expertise, and operational excellence. Here, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand our capabilities, certifications, and how we ensure the highest quality in electronic circuit design and assembly. Whether you're interested in partnering with us or simply want to learn more about our processes, we hope you find the answers you need to make informed decisions.

What services does Safari Circuits offer?
At Safari Circuits, we provide comprehensive electronic circuit design and assembly services. This includes everything from PCBA to full box-build capabilities, robust supply chain management, and a partnership-driven approach to co-development. Our expertise also extends to offering specialized training through Safari University.
Which industries does Safari Circuits serve?
Our company is dedicated to serving critical sectors such as medical, industrial, and military/defense. We are committed to delivering solutions that are not only innovative and cost-efficient but also meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.
What certifications does Safari Circuits hold?
We are proud to hold ISO 13485 certification for medical devices, ISO 9001 for quality management systems, and adhere to the strict requirements of the military/defense industry. These certifications underscore our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in everything we do.
Can Safari Circuits handle high-volume production?
Yes, our capabilities are designed to handle a range of production volumes, from small, specialized projects to large-scale manufacturing. Our advanced electronic assembly and design services are equipped to meet diverse client needs efficiently.
How can potential clients get in touch with Safari Circuits for partnership opportunities?
Potential clients interested in partnering with us can reach out through the contact information provided on our website. We encourage inquiries and look forward to exploring how we can work together to achieve your project goals.

Safari Circuits is a part of the Waséyabek Family of Companies, embodying the Seven Grandfather Teachings and the values of our Tribal ownership. We work on behalf of the Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi Tribe and our customers to deliver elite-level products and services through innovation and collaboration.

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